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Glass Beach, California, USA

In the early twentieth century, Fort Bragg inhabitants tossed their family unit trash over precipices claimed by the Union Lumber Company onto what is currently Glass Beach, tossing glass, apparatuses, and even vehicles. Locals alluded to it as “The Dumps.” Fires were lit to lessen the span of the refuse heap.

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The California State Water Resources Control Board and city pioneers shut the region in 1967. Different cleanup projects were attempted during the time to revise the harm. Through the following a few decades, the beating waves cleaned the shoreline, by breaking down everything except for glass and earthenware and tumbling those into the little, smooth, colored pieces that blanket Beach.

There are three Glass Beach destinations in Fort Bragg where rubbish was dumped into the sea somewhere around 1906 and 1967. Glass Beach Site Two and Three (1943-1949) are found at the end of the way that starts on the corner of Elm Street and Glass Beach Drive. These destinations are available by foot, and a short descend the bluffs encompassing the shoreline. Site One (1906-1943) is found south of Sites Two and Three and must be gotten to by water because there is no trespassing on the bluffs over the inlet.

In 1998, the private holder of the property verified that Beach ought to fit in with the general population, and started a five year procedure of working with the California Coastal Conservancy and the California Integrated Waste Management Board for the cleanup and offer of the property to the state. Taking after culmination of the clean up, the California Department of Parks and Recreation obtained the 38-section of land (15 ha) Glass Beach property, and it was consolidated into Mackerricher State Park in October 2002.

The shoreline is currently much of the time went by vacationers. Gathering is not allowed on the recreation center’s shoreline, despite the fact that ocean glass might be found on other nearby shorelines outside the recreation center limit. A Glass Festival is held every year on Memorial Day weekend.

A large number of vacationers visit Fort Bragg’s glass shorelines every day in the mid-year. Most gather a few glass. As a result of this furthermore due to common components (wave activity is always crushing down the glass), the glass is gradually lessening. There is at present move to renew the shorelines with disposed of glass. Comparable shorelines are found at Benicia, California and Hanapepe, Hawaii.

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