Visit Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village

Ronda is a very popular and beautiful place of Spain. It is like the dreamy land to the travelers. The irrepressible loveliness of the place attracts so many travelers to travel this land every year.

Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village 3D View


1. Convent of San Francisco.
2. Gate of Almocabar.
3. Gate of Calos V.
4. Church Of Espiritu.
5. Church of Santa Maria la Mayor.
6. Palace of Mondragon.
7. Minaret of San Sebastian.
8. Gate of Exijara.
9. Arab baths.
10. House of the Giant.
11. Arab arch.
12. Palace of Marques de Salvatierra.
13. Arab bridge.
14. Church of Nuestro Padre Jesus.
15. Ancient bridge.
16. Gate of Felipe V.
17. House of the King of the Moors.
18. New bridge.
19. Bull ring.
20. Panoramic view over the gorge.
21. Temple of the Virgin de los Dolores.
22. Shelter of the Animas.
23. Espinel theatre.
24. Lara museum.
25. Game museum.
26. Bandit museum.
27. Carrera Espinel (commercial area).
28. Convent of Santo Domingo.


This magnificent village Ronda is located in the Málaga province of Spain. It is located 100 Km west of the city Málaga and is situated at the heart of the Serrania de Ronda. The population of the Ronda village is almost 35000. It is situated above a deep ravine and it is encircled by vigorous river valleys. The mainland of the village is located above 750 meters of the average sea level. The river runs through the village is named as Guadalevín River. This Guadalevín River has split the village into two portions. This village has occupied an area of 481.31 Square Kilometers.


You can reach to the place by car or bus. From the Costa del Sol you can reach to Ronda through San Pedro de Alcántara and only 45 minutes will take to reach Ronda through the A376/C-3 route. If you take the Málaga A357 route you have to pass the Carratraca, Ardales and Cuevas de Becerra named interior towns. There are also some other routes that will lead you to the Ronda village.


Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village

Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village

There are several attractive places that you should not miss to pay a visit. If you visit the Ronda village you should pay a visit of at least 12 places there.
Among the most attractive places of Ronda, Puente Nuevo simply comes first. It is a bridge which is located above the El Tajo gorge. It took 42 years to build the bridge. The bridge was completed in 1793. Its magnificent beauty is worthy of enjoying.
Plaza de Toros is another marvelous place of Ronda. This bullring has a capacity to accommodate almost 5000 viewers and it was built in 1785.

Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village

Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village

Another appealing place is Baños Arabes. Baños Arabes or the Arab Baths were built at the verge of the 13th century. You will see the vast cauldron that was used to boil and to heat the water in the Baños Arabes. The baths are located at the place named San Miguel Quarter of the Ronda.
Mondragon Palace is another beautiful place that is worthy of visiting. This palace was built in 1314 and it was the home of the Moorish King Abomelik. Afterwards Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand also used it as their residence. Now it is famous for the municipal museum and the beautiful gardens.
If you want, you may pay visit to the Palace of the Moorish King and the Water Mine. This fabulous place is famous for being the residence of the Moorish King. A legend says that King Moorish loved to drink wine from his enemies’ skulls. The water mine named La Mina was the lifeline of King Moorish during Christian sieges as the only source of water supply.

Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village

Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village

Ronda Spain, European’s Most Magnificent Village
Other places like the Arabic walls and city gates, the Duquesa de Parcent Square, the Cuenca Gardens, the Mirador de Aldehuela, the Acinipo Ruins and the Cat’s Cave, Benaoján are also very much popular and attractive. So, if you come to pay a visit in the Ronda village, you should take time to visit all of these attractive and beautiful places of Ronda.

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