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Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I can’t agree more. This is the city of romance, where ancient streets pile up layers of history, the kind of history that intrigues us with equal blend of ardour and yet it’s a city that constantly reinvents itself. So if you are visiting this city and you don’t know where to stay, we are here to help you out. Here are some of the best hotels to stay in..!!

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris
Best Hotels in Paris

1.) Le 123 Sebastopol –Astotel

The Le has been awarded with the Travelers Choice Award 2015. The hotel is situated near Notre Dame and Louvre with walking distance to some great shopping areas. The cinema theme is quite quirky so that it stands out from the rest. Comfortable and friendly staff with affordable prices and complimentary French breakfast is all you need for a great getaway.

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | Le 123 Sebastopol  Astotel Hotel
Le 123 Sebastopol  Astotel Hotel

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | Le 123 Sebastopol  Astotel Hotel bed room
Le 123 Sebastopol  Astotel Hotel bed room

2.) Hapimag Resort Paris

It is in the middle of everything. Very spacious and clean rooms and bathrooms with nice classy mirror work in bathroom, the place is clearly a very convenient option. Surrounded by many tourist attractions, it is the best location to stay for long periods of time .Other leisure activities like sauna , tennis and swimming pool are available with great view of the place . It has a friendly staff and great services within your budget.

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | Hapimag Resort Paris
Hapimag Resort Paris

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | hotel hapimag paris
hotel hapimag paris

3.) Hotel La Belle Juliette

Dedicated to literary muse and beauty Juliette Recamier, different floors represent diverse aeons of her life, in an appealing mix of historicism and contemporary. There is a small Japanese style garden with a small, but perfectly formed swimming pool and a gorgeous basement spa. It has luxurious modern bedrooms and spacious bathrooms. It also has a relaxed Bar Le Talma - used as tea room and for relaxing purposes. It is a very sophisticated and upmarket place. Best for couples..

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | Hotel La Belle Juliette
Hotel La Belle Juliette

4.) Raffles Royal Monceau

It is situated near the Champs-Elysees on the broad avenue stretching between the Arc de Triomphe and Parc Monceau. There are 149 rooms and suites with artistic medley of eclectic lamps mingling retro with contemporary. The place is beautiful with panoramic view of the city. Services like personal fitness trainer and art concierge are available. The staff is very amiable and food is great with bar availability. The beauty of Paris will never cease to amaze me. The place is a crowd -pleaser. Everything is loaded with love and passion. So if you haven’t visited Paris and you are dying to do so, we have another article based solely for the places to visit - PARIS - Love Capital of the World, and here in this article we are commencing on where to stay in Paris. .

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | Raffles Royal Monceau
Raffles Royal Monceau

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | monceau raffles paris
Monceau raffles paris

5.) Hotel d'Aubusson

It is a historic Paris hotel in St -Germain offering plush rooms, a vibrant bar and regular jaaz programs. It is close to acclaimed cafes, great shopping and art galleries. A grand carriage way entry and flag stoned lobby which creates its 17th century aura with a tranquil patio and courtyard with scenic views are absolutely amazing. Rooms are restful and traditionally furnished, rather than today’s modern style, exercise with good size and high ceilings, heavy curtains, tall windows, and canopied beds. It is mostly popular with families because of its grand size and spacious rooms. The staff wears uniforms and are well trained. The breakfast is served with perfectly blended French items. The peace and serenity you will feel at this place is all what this place is for.

Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | Hotel d'Aubusson
Hotel d'Aubusson
Top 10 Best Hotels in Paris | Hotel d'Aubusson Another Paris Hotel
Hotel d'Aubusson Another Paris Hotel

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