Sunday, October 22, 2017

Balance of nature in a never give up perspective [23 Photos]

The balance of nature theory is, that the small changes in nature will be corrected and bring back to its original point of balance. Importance of the balance of nature is to maintain this world. Nature is equal everything and everyone and everything belong to nature. Including the people, animals, trees, water, sky, land and everything it holds. Actual balance is when everyone has an equal attitude toward the consumption of Nature’s resources.

In this post, we are going to see how well nature manages to keep the balance of this world. By looking at these intelligent animals and trees, we can see nature always find a way. Here are some great examples for Balance of nature in a never give up perspective.

A frankincense tree
A frankincense tree.

A tree eating sign
A tree eating sign.

Beautiful roots over fallen tree
Beautiful roots over fallen tree.

Flowers in cracks
Flowers in cracks.

You Cannot Lockdown Life.

Always find a way
Always find a way.

Reclaimed by nature.

The abandoned prison complex on Isle St. Joseph, French Guiana

The beauty of nature opens up space for growth.

The woods in the cabin, Norway.

Tree roots along the wall.

Tree-Colonized Abandoned car.

Trees cannot read

102 year old boat became a forest.

This is the Big Balanced Rock on the Balanced Rock Trail. Chiricahua National Monument.

Springs the Garden of the Gods is a 1,350-acre park with soaring red sandstone rock formations dating back more than 300 million years.

Balancing Rock, Nova Scotia, CANADA

This angel has been consumed by nature. Kensal Green Cemetery, London.


Birds in a shoe.

Birds learned to use cigarette butts to protect its nest from ticks.

Engineer dog always finds a way.

In one experiment, clever crows dropped rocks in a container of water to get at floating food.

As we see no matter what we do, as time goes by nature and it's beautiful creations always finds a way and wins.

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