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7 Most Interesting Places to Visit and Things Do In Canada

If you are planning to visit American continent these holidays do not forget Canada to include in your destination checklist. Remeber our post 10 most popular interesting Attractions in Canada? Canada is a beautiful and unique country with amazing mountains, beautiful waterfalls, beautiful lakes, Natural pools and much more. Canada is a place worth visiting and besides that, Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world with an abundance of beautiful and unique landscapes. Here is why you should visit this interesting country and things you can do in Canada. Don't forget to include these beautiful places in your the great Canadian bucket list.

1. Polar Bears and Niagara Falls

The most unique experience Canada has to offer are Polar Bears migrated to Hudson Bay, not far from the town of Churchill in Northern Manitoba. You may not forget the thrill of close encounters with the bears in tundra buggies. One must visit during October or November to meet these polar guests.

meet these polar guests

The most renowned destination of Canada is Niagara Fall which attracts millions of tourists every year. Dropping off to around 57 meters this place is just an hour’s drive from Toronto. Nearly situate are the beautiful hills of Clifton which lead to gorge and falls turning the nearby town of the falls into a carnival around the year and this has been going on for centuries! Also a fancy a ride across the Great Gorge in an antique cable car at Niagara Falls?

Fancy a ride across the Great Gorge in an antique cable car at Niagara Falls?

2. Howl With the Wolves

Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario’s oldest and most iconic natural landscape. It has a long-running tradition to join a public wolf howl in August to September. hundreds of people are packing into their cars and heading north to seek them out. Public howls are free and you can arrange for special group tours of 4 or more visitors at a minimum fee of $220.

3. National Parks and the Stony Mountains

Canada is home to astonishingly beautiful national parks which offer thrilling, adventure and a soothing view of the terrain. The National Park of Banff lies in the center of the amazing stony Mountains in Alberta and Canada's most attractive sceneries are showcased here. In this park, you can easily access snow-capped peaks, glaciers and Turquoise green lakes. The best attraction of the park is the Lake Louise with green waters reflecting mountains surrounding them and you would love to stroll on the shores.

Mountains in Alberta

Another stunning beauty is Gros Morne National Park which is more remote than other popular national parks. However, it is worth visiting just to discover the surrounding mountains and admire the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Park features waterfalls, rock formations with glacier-fed waters and steep cliff walls. You would love and appreciate the boat tour and hiking trails, and do not forget to go for kayaking. If you want to explore more you may also visit Fundy National Park - Parcs Canada.

Fundy National Park
image credit marc_guitard

4. Walk on the Ocean Floor

The Bay of Fundy in Canada is home to the world’s highest tides. At the peak, they can reach 54 feet. Join with adventure lovers in a kayak for exploration at high tide or take it in from the craggy cliff shores. Enjoy a unique experience of walking on the ocean floor. When the water starts to lap at your ankles, it is probably time to find higher ground.

The Bay of Fundy in Canada

5. Old Quebec 

It is extended across the Upper and Lower of the beautiful town of Quebec is the Old Quebec, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO which is popular for the city's most remarkable buildings.
The town at the lower end which runs along with the St. Lawrence River is the unique settlement site which contains the outstanding buildings of Château Frontenac, and many other treasures. One of the Canada's most famous historical areas this place is enough developed for tourism. Art lovers will find the food for thought and of course for their stomach as this the home of best restaurants as well.

6. Canadian Human Rights Museum

This recently launched museum is the latest attraction of Canada.  Situated in City of Winnipeg this place a state-of-the-art piece of architecture and of course has a unique concept for the museums.  The museum is controversial too and has attracted national and international attention. You would enjoy reading personal stories off the wall which capture different perspective and a wide range of themes.

7. Uncover a Dinosaur

Drumheller, a town in Alberta, Canada. the city situated in what has become affectionately known as Dinosaur Valley. The first dinosaurs were unearthed here in the 1800s, and they’ve been finding them ever since. Buy tickets in advance for tours at Dinosaur Provincial Park. This is a unique city in the world where you’ll find an 86-foot-tall, 151-foot-long dinosaur standing at its center.

As it is evident from the presence of these locations that this place has more to offer which cannot be explained in words. Go pack your luggage and backpacks, tighten your shoelaces as a lot of adventures and natural beauty awaits you at this beautiful Canada for places like Bay of Fundy, John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site, Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, and Whistler and Old Montreal are waiting to thrill you and feed your tourist-self.

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