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Mandala Stones Pattern Books | Mandala Stones Dotting Tools | Dotting Stencils

You have got an interest in mandala stone painting and now you are looking for new ideas and tools? No worries We’ve got you covered with our previous post 60+ DIY Mandala Stone Patterns | Templates | Ideas. And this post is dedicated to Mandala Stones Pattern Books, Tools and Stencils for you to create your favorite mandala patterns.

Here is a list of Mandala Stones Pattern Books.

1. Mandala Stones: 50 Inspirational Designs to Paint.

Image credit  Natasha Alexander (Author)

This is great book especially if you are a beginner. This book features 50 stunning patterns ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced. All of the designs in the book, including the most complex, are created by combining simple dots of color even inexperienced artists can be able to use the book, learn and enjoy mandala stone painting. The book also contain explanation of the tools and techniques involved, and each design is clearly explained and beautifully photographed. More Info and shop now.

2. Rock Art Handbook: Techniques and Projects for Painting, Coloring, and Transforming Stones (Fox Chapel Publishing) Over 30 Step-by-Step Tutorials using Paints, Chalk, Art Pens, Glitter Glue & More.

Image credit Samantha Sarles (Author)

If you are looking for in depth tutorials this book will give Over 30 step-by-step tutorials make Rock Art. This book also covers various craft techniques for decorating rocks like dot painting, marbling, embellishments, and much more. More Info and shop now.

3. The Mandala Guidebook: How to Draw, Paint and Color Expressive Mandala Art.

Image credit Kathryn Costa (Author)

The Mandala Guidebook is not only for learning Mandala stone arts, for learning whole mandala art in one book. You can get ideas from wide range of projects, each with beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions covering more design styles and artistic mediums than any other book out there. More Info and shop here.

4. The Art of Stone Painting: 30 Designs to Spark Your Creativity.

Image credit F. Sehnaz Bac (Author)

This is a another great book for Mandala Stones arts. You will not only get step-by-step instructions for creating 30 fantastic designs, you will also get 30 more creative ideas and tutorials. More Info and shop now.

5. How to Create Mandalas (Dover Books on Art Instruction and Anatomy)

Image credit Jessica Mazurkiewicz (Author)

You can use the simple exercises and ideas given in this book to make your own templates and achieve symmetry in your drawings of elaborate, hypnotic mandalas. More Info and shop now.

6. Rock Art!: Painting and Crafting with the Humble Pebble.

Image credit Denise Scicluna (Author)

In this book you can get inspiration and advice for rock arts, also Tips for finding and identifying rocks and preparing them for paint Techniques for creating the perfect "rock" from polymer clay A guide to gathering tools, from paint, pencils, and brushes to wood filler and varnish Dozens of projects for bringing pebbles to life with personality and style Simple, step-by-step instructions, and more than 250 full-color illustrations that practically pop off the page make this fun and unusual book perfect for crafters of all ages. More Info and shop now.

Mandala Painting Rocks For Sale.

Without rocks you cannot pain a rock :) And no worries you can get painting rocks here.

1. Dark Mandala Painting Rocks.

Image credit TIR Massage Stone

1. White Mandala Painting Rocks.

Image credit Beach Treasures

Mandala Stones Painting Tools and Kits.

01. Rock Painting Kits.

Image credit Koltose by Mash

02. Dotting Tools for Mandala Rock.

Image credit Ecjiuyi

Image credit Alt2day

Image credit Meuxan

Image credit BOXUN

Mandala Stones Dotting Stencils.

If you are a beginner and you are still learning to paint Mandala stones, A stencil can help you to produces advance designs with low effort. Checkout these Mandala Stones Dotting Stencils.

Image credit BAISDY

12Pcs Mandala Dotting Stencils Mandala Stencils Template Dot Painting Drawing Stencils for Mandala Rocks Wall Wood Stone Art Painting.

Image credit Biubee

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