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10 Wonderful Places to visit in Maldives

Just about everyone has heard of Maldives. It’s quite impossible not to, with the beauty these islands have to offer. They’re one of the most popular islands among tourists looking for an exotic relaxing resort and also one of the top choices for young couples looking for spending their honeymoon in an unforgettable atmosphere. But Maldives is not just simply beautiful islands. They have many perspectives to offer such as the world’s first ever undersea restaurant. Let’s see some of the things we definitely shouldn't miss while on our stay!

Maldives top view

Map of Maldives:

Map of Maldives

1.The National Museum, Chaandhanee Magu

The National Museum

Historical artifacts and royal antiquities reminding of both the Buddhist and the Islamic dynasties that exchanged power over the territory, make of this place a way to instill patriotism among the inhabitants of Maldives. The interior of the museum also features a handwritten version of the Qur’an engraved on the walls. While most of the pre-islamic artifacts had been destroyed during an attack in 2012, some highlights of the collection are still there, including a coral stone head of Buddha.

2.Artificial Beach, North Male

Artificial Beach

Enjoy colorful carnivals, have a chitchat session with the locals or just enjoy a refreshing walk on its sands. Just make sure you put it on the list of places to visit in Maldives. Live music shows and water sports make of this location one of the most popular among both tourists and the locals. After all, we all love top notch entertainment, don’t we?

3.Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque, Kaafu Atoll

This ancient architectural masterpiece was originally constructed under the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar, during the 17th century. Almost entirely made of coral stone, its beauty is certainly astonishing. Exquisite samples of traditional Maldivian art are preserved in the interior of the mosque, such as woodcarving and lacquerwork pieces.

4.Utheemu Ganduvaru, Bodu Magu

This is the historic residence and the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, but also of other rulers of the land. A wooden palace reminding of how the men of war defended the independence of Maldives from foreign not-so-well-intentioned “visitors”. A fresh breath of national heroism.

5.Hp Reef, Male Atoll

Under Water

Good for nature lovers and experience seekers, Hp Reef is also known as Rainbow reef, thanks to its wide range of colors. The enthusiasts of underwater exploration must really hit this place, there’s no doubt about it! Manta rays, dog tooth tunas and various other reef fish are waiting to be photographed in this kaleidoscopic world, offering you the possibility of going up to 40 meters deep. The nourishment brought here by strong currents resulted in such an amazing growth of both flora and fauna!

6.Biyadhoo Island Resort

Resort of Biyadhoo

Usually very crowded during our winter holidays, the pristine white beaches of this island invite us to a relaxing wonderland of SPAs, restaurants, lounges and soothing waves of happiness. It might be one of the most suitable places for meditating and forgetting about all your worries. There are also water sports opportunities, such as scuba diving guided by a professional team, snorkeling and windsurfing.

7.Alimatha Island, Vaavu Atoll

Alimatha Island, Vaavu Atoll

Sitting on the eastern edge of this Heaven on Earth, Alimantha Island’s reef is part of one of the most famous channel dives on the planet, Myaru Kandu. Bars, music, crystal-clear waters invite you to dance on the rhythms of exuberance, while at the Areyuvedic massage center you will have the chance to release all the stress from your body.

8.Bluetribe Moofushi

Bluetribe Moofushi

No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in scuba diving, at Bluetribe Moofushi you will be able to take an amazing dip into the spectacular Indian Ocean. Many professional trainers will help you on your way to practice this wonderful sport, so that you can experience Maldives at their best.

9.Banana Reef, North Male

Banana Reef, North Male

This Protected Marine Area takes its name from its shape. There’s a wide range of underwater attractions here at North Male Atoll, so that even the most demanding of you will be impressed. Breathtaking cliffs, mysterious caves, dangerous predators like sharks swimming among reef fish make of this spot the perfect place for an adrenaline rush while snorkeling.

10.Sun Island Resort and Spa

Sun Island Resort and Spa

Now imagine you just want to break free from the stresses of your metropolis and come to a picturesque oasis of peace and fun. Sun Island Resort then appears in front of you: a jewel caressing your skin with the waves of the ocean. Spectacular views, entertainment or total relaxation, or just all of them for what it matters: here you can make your own version of Paradise become true! What are you waiting for?

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