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Enjoy the Beauty of Aescher Hotel in Switzerland

Travelers and tourists are always busy to find the most beautiful places of the world and the most charming sights. If you are one of these people, Aescher Hotel of Switzerland is beckoning you to show the beauty of it and its surroundings.

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This fabulous and magnificent Aescher Hotel is located near Wildkirchli and just below the Ebenalp cliff. Ebenalp is the northernmost peak of the Appenzell Alps of Switzerland. Wildkirchli is a combination of three caves in the Alpstein massif of Appenzell. This marvelous mountain guest-house and hotel was built during 19th century. From then it is one of the most visited hotels and guest-houses in Switzerland.

Hotel on Mountain

Opening time:

Aescher Hotel is very much popular among the travelers, visitors and tourist in Switzerland. As the weather of the mountain is not favorable always so the hotel remains closed from November 1st to April 31st. its only remains open from May to October 31st.

Way to get there:

Reaching to the mountain guest-house is mainly the most exciting and adventurous part of the experience of this hotel. Visitors can get there by cable car and by hiking. This most challenging part of getting there becomes impossible during November to April. So, during this time the hotel is kept closed for everyone.

If you want to get there first they have to stroll from the Appenzell town to Wasserrauen. Then you have to stop to the cable car parking zone and from there, you have to ride on the cable car to reach up to the Ebenalp. This riding may take only 3 minutes; but the cable car closes down after 6 pm. Then you have to follow the cleared trail that leads to downhill. After 15 minutes strolling, you will see a minor door that leads to a cavern through a steeper slope. After 100m walking through an enlightened way of the cavern and following a cleared trail with light, you will turn out on the edge of the bumpy valley. Then if you turn to the right, you will see the cliffside church Wildkirchli and the hotel is very near to this church.

Specialty and facility:

This place is mainly famous for its fantastic natural beauty and the clam and silent environment. The magnificent landscape of Aescher Hotel is mind-blowing and this feature of this place has made it desirable to the tourists and visitors. People can organize different types of events like the birthday party, family tour, marriage ceremony or corporate events here to make those memorable and enjoyable.

Rooms in Aescher Hotel

This hotel has several rooms and a restaurant for the guests. In total 40 people can stay in the hotel simultaneously. But there is no arrangement of web or TV.


People who want to enjoy some moments in calm, silent and peaceful place escaping from the noisy cities can choose this beautiful mountain hotel to stay for a while. The fresh and clean air and beautiful natural sceneries of the place will soothe the body and mind altogether.

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