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7 Best Skiing Destinations in England

The winters, the best time of the year, along with it brings my favorite recreational winter sport, i.e., Skiing. Since my childhood, I have been very enthusiastic about skiing, so much so that, when I was in my junior college, I had known and skied almost in every ski resort or club in England. Here in this article, I have mentioned the best Skiing Destinations in England that offers the best trails and lifts. Some of the Ski resorts mentioned here also carry out ski programs for children and also offer lodging and dining facilities. Have a look at them before you set out to ski with your family and friends in England.

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1. Okemo

This is one of the best ski resorts in England. Situated in Vermont, this ski resort was created by Tim Mueller and his wife, Diane Mueller. The scenic view of the mountain and the beautiful Vermont river valley, make skiing a lot more fun.

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2. Halifax

In the Pennines, at an altitude of almost 350 m, is the most southern ski area of the England. Another world Snowboarding and Ski Centre is situated just outside Halifax. The area encompasses up to 2 miles cross- country ski tracks, 100m to 150 m long downhill. Skiing here will provide you a great experience. A day or evening lift pass will cost you around 12 Pound. 

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3. Harwood

The Harwood Ski Federation is situated just down the road from Yad Moss ski tow. Harwood offers shorter runs of about 500 m in the surroundings, but the runs are quieter.  To the left of the lift, the run is wide open while to the left the terrain is quite waving. The pass for an adult will cost around 15 Pound. 

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4. Allenheads

Ski- Allenheads is situated on the edge of the old mining village, which is an hour's drive away from Newcastle. It offers a run of 120 m. In the winters, the club has 2 semi-permanent tows. If you want to become a member, it will cost 35 Pound for the adults, for a season, 70 Pound for juniors and families, respectively. 

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5. Sunday River

From November to April, this Maine Resort offers a treat for the ski lovers. This place has a lot to offer like, 8 inter-connected peaks, amazing modern lifts, 820 acres and night skiing. It is a family friendly resort that will never let you get bored. 

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6. Weardale

Situated towards the east of the Pennines and 20 miles west of Durham, the Weardale Ski Club is like a paradise for the ski enthusiasts. The club offers 2 Poma Lifts. The F1 lift is longer and offer easy plunge, while the F2 lift is short and steep and gives an adrenaline rush to the adventure junkies. Day tickets cost around 20 Pound

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7. Raise 

Lake District Ski Club tow, situated on the highest mountain in England is the highest Alpine ski club in England. Raise, the summit on the Ridgeline offers the best ski. In good weather conditions, skiing there is to die for. It is not for the faint hearted people as skiing can be rough there. 

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